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Archer Review is a congregation of board-certified young physicians who have been in the online USMLE tutoring, for past several years. It’s a learning system designed for the entire career of medical students, residents, and physicians, whose content is written by an international team of physicians, using feedback from medical students.We make you our priority and we are totally dedicated to your success since we understand the high stakes involved and the level of difficulty the aspirants’ experience. Accomplishing competitive scores on your USMLE Step exams has become the absolute first step to getting a Residency interview. Archer Review started its online Step3 review courses in 2005 and we are proud of achieving a 99% pass rate over the last few years. As our strategic approach has been successful time and again in USMLE Step3, we have expanded to USMLE Step 1 and Step 2CK applying the same thoroughly researched high-yield focused approach on those exam test-preps and Q-banks

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It is a single umbrella store for all your USMLE needs of Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3. The Step 2 CK assesses the application of the understanding of medical science and skill, mandatory to patient care under supervision, including health promotion and disease prevention. It ensures that attention is devoted to principles of clinical sciences and basic patient-centred skills for the safe and competent practice of medicine. The crucial features of this stage are the well formulated more than thousands of questions framed by experienced physicians, dealing with concepts leading to critical thinking; explanation of concepts with detailed illustrations.

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The interface is so advanced that you get the feel of an actual exam and the scores are compared with other candidates for improvement. Self-assessment exams are made available which comprise of 4 blocks of 40 multiple choice questions on various subjects. Explanations are provided as to how they could improve upon their scores and comparison of results with recorded data. The questions are unique to the Qbanks.

Archer Review has a detailed training program on Biostatistics and epidemiology, the two being the core ingredients of the medical curriculum for a critical review research. Its concepts are tested in all the three steps of the written USMLE exam and are found in residency in-service and board exams for umpteen medical specialties. In Step2 CS important aspects are hundreds of clinical cases are dealt with. You would be provided with a guided tour of the practical tests and the entire history about thephysical examination techniques is video recorded.

Candidates can enter simulated patient encounter notes to practice the different cases, they are taught how to counsel patients and respond to patients’ challenging questions, with success tips in the exams. Step 3 helps the general physician to deal with a specific setting – a final assessment of physicians assuming personal responsibility for delivering general medical care.Step 3 has all the main features of Step 2 (Question Bank, Self-Assessment, and Biostatistics) except for the Clinical Case Simulation (CCS). CCS is unique interactive software, comprising of interactive CCS cases. Lots of reading materials on case management are provided and the CCS software is regularly updated. Every case management is explained in minute details, scores are recorded and candidates are trained on time management.

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“I just received my results and happy to say, I passed with score of 242. Your lectures and CCS helped significantly and I think CCS took off a lot of pressure on me. Thank you so much. Please make your Q bank available so I can do it for my IM boards. Thank you”


“Dear Dr. Red, hope all is well with you. Just want to let you know that I passed Step 3. I did extremely well on CCS . Questions were hard but your lectures helped me with some of them to easily figure the best answer. Thank you sir!”


“Thank you, I just recommended these videos to a couple of friends, I’m very satisfied with the product, have a good day.”

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