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    Hey all, a 3rd year medical student looking to start studying for Step 2 CK using Archer Review awesome Step 2 CK Q bank!

    Feel free to share and post about any questions and discuss questions and Step 2 related topics on the forum. What resources are you using in addition to the Q bank? I have found the following resources helpful in my prep, and I plan to follow up with the ArcherReview Q bank.

    ‪MTB/STEP UP TO MEDICINE‬ for Internal Medicine
    BRS‬ Paediatrics for Paediatrics
    ‪First Aid‬ Psychiatry for Psychiatry
    ‪DEVIRGILLOS‬ for Surgery

    I think these books are a great start and when used with the Q bank, you can really build the foundation you need to do well on Step 2 CK.

    What resources are you all using, share your study schedules and tips here!

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