Understanding concepts is crucial to pass NCLEX. When you understand the rationale for your intervention and pathophysiology, you really do not have to work hard to memorize mnemonics or answers. You can  analyze and approach each question by applying critical thinking. The idea of Archer NCLEX webinars is to provide you that strategies and content review to foster critical thinking and analysis. During webinar, you get to interact, analyze and learn concepts and apply them in the challenge quizzes that are shown to you by the instructor through out the webinar following the topic content review. Such content review process followed by concurrent quizzing reinforces your understanding much more and enables retention!!This is why Archer NCLEX Reviews have been able to achieve 97% pass rate since the launch.You are provided with slides to review the critical aspects discussed during each webinar. You are welcome to use Archer’s highly successful but very affordable Qbank of 2500 Qs to quiz yourself following these content review webinars.

The webinars will be organized as follows :-

Subject wise webinars

Subject-wise webinars will focus on individual subjects like pharmacology, fundamentals, prioritization etc. These will focus on important pathophysiology concepts, reduction of risk potential, client teaching, prioritization, delegation, and nursing interventions.


Rapid review ( Full Length) webinars

Rapid review webinar will provide an intense crash course over 2 days ( 20 hours) covering all the subjects/specialties and client needs, focusing on the most frequently asked topics on NCLEX. Slides/ handouts ( more than 1000 slides) will be sent soon after registration: available both LIVE ( 20 hours) and ON-DEMAND ( 30 hours). Choose the product you prefer by clicking on the respective links below:-

Cost: $79. View Rapid Review Syllabus

#1. On-demand access ( of recent live prep from November 18th and 19th, 2020) + extra multiple high-yield videos, total 30 hours, 2-months access, and watch at your own convenience. Click here to Register for ON-DEMAND.

#2. Next Live Webinar Dates: January 21st and 22nd, 2021.  Those who register and unable to attend will receive full-video accessLIVE Slots are limited. Click here to Register for LIVE Webinars

Rapid Review Introduction Video

Slots are limited for live webinar. Register above to confirm.