Pass the NCLEX PN exam easily with Archer NCLEX Course


Archer Review has years of hands-on experience in handling NCLEX courses. The question banks were developed and constantly updated by experienced faculty members with several years of nursing experience. Our Question banks combine the best of nursing knowledge with the real world of clinical practice. More than 50000+ nurses have trusted our courses since the launch.

NCLEX Features

 700+ Challenging NCLEX PN Questions:

  • New questions are being added every week.
  • Multiple readiness assessments and “PASS PREDICTION.”
  • Course developed by experienced nurse educators and faculty members with decades of practice experience.
  • Tests are presented in exactly similar NCLEX test format and interface giving you a glimpse of what it feels like to take the real exam. 
  • Multiple concepts based questions encompassing several client needs. The “client needs” areas that account for most questions on the exam are represented with even higher emphasis. This strategic approach leads to mastering the content that matters the highest within the least amount of prep time
  • Detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect answers. By reading detailed rationales even for incorrect options, you gain insights into multiple concepts within a single question. Critical thinking is enhanced. 
  • Exam- like software which helps in gaining the confidence
  • Create and practice tests in your own required environment: Test and Tutor modes are available to create tests. No time limit for answering the questions in untimed Tutor/ Test modes. Tutor mode will reveal answers once your choice is submitted. Test mode will not reveal answers until the test ends. Timed-Test mode can create an exam like simulated experience by also pushing you to meet time requirements.
  • Videos within rationales for some questions. A large number of content videos will automatically be updated in your subscription if and when they are available.

Multiple formats of questions and Detailed Explanations:

  • Access to an informative and in-depth explanation of both correct and incorrect options
  • Vivid illustrations and videos within some rationales to help master the content
  • Multiple format questions similar to NCLEX-PN presented. Select All That Apply (SATA), single response questions, fill up the blanks, ordered sequence, hot-spot, audio-graphic responses are all included. SATA questions are frequently tested on the exam and therefore, Archer consists of more than 40% SATA Questions to help you master multiple high-yield concepts within a single question. 

Tracking Performance and Enhancement

  • Improve your testing skills and know your weakness. Dynamic graphs/ statistics will help you get a snapshot of your performance. You can create a test by selecting questions subject/ lesson wise or a complete NCLEX type test encompassing all areas. Monitor your performance in your weak areas and see it go up as you continue to practice thoroughly. 
  • Peer Stats: Compare your reports with peers. National peer average is a great measure to compare yourself with. Archer has been used by thousands of nurses so, an accurate peer average has been computed for each question and each test that you take. After completing the test, you see “peer average” vs. “your performance”. If your performance is close to or above peer average, this predicts an extremely high chance of passing on your NCLEX-PN exam. 
  • The software mimics the real NCLEX to gain confidence.

NCLEX QBANK Highlights

Customizable Exams:

Customized exams like real NCLEX based on your needs

Flag Questions

Flag your favorite questions and review as needed

Performance Graphs

Know your performance through graphs and compare with peers

Why Archer Review NCLEX Qbank?

  • User-friendly, exact NCLEX exam like interface and easy to access.
  • Most affordable and lowest price in the NCLEX test prep market to help EVERY NURSE access and afford Test-Prep.
  • Highly rated, very fast mobile apps to practice on-the-go. Very high rating of 4.8 on the App Store and Play store.
  • Content-rich explanations for the questions and both correct/ incorrect options.
  • Excellent customer support that cares about you and wants you to pass. 
  • Instant reply from trained nurses once you submit a concern or request for clarification via. “Feedback” button on the Q-bank interface. 
  • Question bank encompassing all subjects and lessons covering medical, surgical, pediatric, psychiatric, and obstetric questions. Client needs are represented based on the NCLEX-PN test plan outlined by NCSBN.
  • Video content within certain rationales to help you master the concepts better. Such video content within rationales will reinforce your understanding by audiovisual means. Having a challenge question prior to reviewing the video content will boost memory and retention.
  • By practicing on simulated NCLEX interface, you reduce anxiety and improve confidence. 
  • Peer Stats – best measure to compare yourself and serve as a “readiness predictor“. Scoring close to or more than peer average serves as an even better passing predictor than the flawed assessment tests because Peer stats assess every question rather than pre-determined 100 questions used in one or two assessment tests.
  • An excellent pass rate of 97% noted among the nurses who score close to or above peer average on Archer NCLEX-PN Qbanks.