Sep 16th, 2019  12:09:28 AM

I can not thank you enough for 30 day free NCLEX qbank . I paid too much for uworld and did not have enough money to renew uworld and your Qbank is a god send! Archer rationales and content are surpassing that of uworld and I would recommend this as primary source for most of my friends. Without a doubt this will be the best Qbank once you have more questions and mobile apps. I am looking forward to that. This is great and God bless you!

Jul 30th, 2019  04:07:26 PM

Thank you for keeping your Step 1 Qbank at such a low cost. I just passed my exam and I found your qbank very useful. I am an IMG, have spent a lot on USMLE already and you have no idea how much this pricing helps me. You are pretty much giving the same quality as UWORLD Qbank where as UW is charging outrageous prices. Thank you so much!

Jul 08th, 2019  03:07:05 AM

Dear Archer review support team, Thank you so much. I respect to your review course for no stress on customer. It’s a great review course and I appreciate Dr Archer’s teaching.....outstanding teaching style.Regards,Susie

Jun 23rd, 2019  11:06:04 PM

Just letting you know I passed the exam, 236. Want to thank Dr. Red for his teaching and support that he shows to his students. Started studying on 04/30; took day 1 on 05/17 and day 2 on 05/20. This was a tough exam. I was absolutely not sure I passed it when I walked out. CCS are the toughest part of it all. They are lightning fast. You really have no time to think about the case. Thanks lord, I listened to all of your videos. I wish I had time to listen to your theory videos more too. They are very high yield and the tone and the nature of the questions matches the ones on real exam as opposed to some Qbanks that are too picky and some books that are too general. I just listened to some Rheumatology and Ob/Gyn theory videos of yours and each of them gave me like 4 questions for free. Thank you again. I felt your support and kind attitude just by listening to your videos.Alex

Apr 26th, 2019  11:04:09 PM

Thank you for this course. Archer CCS course offers the exact rationale for the steps that are done on CCS software. Use of the true exam software in your course has taught me in-depth on areas where I was lacking even after practicing UW cases. I will recommend it to all my friends who have been heavily confused with UWorld ccs software. It's not just enough to practice on software, we need the real strategy and your course provides that! Thanks!

Nov 28th, 2018  07:11:57 AM

Hi..I have found your CCS series and this question bank highly useful for my preparation. I have used USMLEworld in the past and have failed the examination. The CCS portion of the exam, I believe was my demise. This question bank is ending soon for me and I would like to know how much a 2 week extension would cost as I am hopeful to take the exam before the year\'s end. I had to interrupt my study due to care for an ill family member. Thank you!

Nov 28th, 2018  06:11:23 AM

Thanks so much . I have found your lectures most helpful. Because I work full time I have not been able to complete the videos but would be grateful for an extension. My exam is on the 15th of January. I plan to purchase the ccs prep as well.

Nov 09th, 2018  02:11:43 PM

What you said was absolutely accurate. Scoring very high CCS made em pass this exam on 3rd attempt. I am thankful for your course. I have recommended it to many of my friends!

Jul 21st, 2018  11:07:21 PM

I took my step 3 , second attempt and passed, the first time I did master the the boards and uworld 3 times along with uworld cases and studied for six months and failed. This time I bought archer theory lectures and made notes for each chapter while I was watching the lectures, I could tell the difference within a week with my qbank scores, I started getting at least 3 extra questions right because of these lectures, I did the lectures once and did uworld once this time , studied for 3 months and passed. Archer lectures are on point with what we need to know, thank you archer I can’t thank you guys enough for such an amazing review, I also watched CCS videos once and did uworld cases about 3 times along with other sources for cases and it worked.

Jul 21st, 2018  11:07:38 PM

I passed my exam. Like you guys mentioned, CCS was the key. I got it on the high side. Thank you very much for an excellent course. I went through Archer CCS and Uworld. Thanks!