Oct 02nd, 2020  02:10:49 AM

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Sep 09th, 2020  01:09:37 PM

I want to thank Dr. Red. I just received a score report which says pass, 223! Your theory review was excellent. Solving UWORLD multiple times was not enough for me (UWSA1 178/UWSA2 188). I started your course a month before the exam. I should have started them earlier. After watching those videos, my NBME exam increased the score by 100 points (NBME5 270 > NBME4 370, FRED was 68%). Your lecture taught me several essential concepts that are very high yield. Besides, your CCS rapid review was incredible. I can comfortably solve several cases in the actual exam since I am very familiar with those concepts. I should have taken an extensive CCS course if I had time since my CCS score was the same as my MCQs score. Anyway, I recommend everyone to take these courses. Thank you for your incredible lectures!

Sep 04th, 2020  11:09:08 PM

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Jul 12th, 2020  04:07:42 AM

Passed Step 3 after multiple attempts. This was my last chance! Anyone underestimating Step 3CCS, my experience is an eye opener. I did not lose a single case this time and ended up passing. To my fellow residents, remember Archer review is GOLD, do not disregard any point in the lectures, listen and watch and understand every step/ every guideline. They show up on exam a lot. Sometimes, it feels like you are listening to Dr. Red voice leading you toward correct answer when attempting some mcqs

Jun 13th, 2020  04:06:51 PM

Thank you Archer. Passed Step 3 after 3 attempts and I owe this success to you. If not for the CCS, I would have lost this again. My MCQs were not great this time either. I should have done your theory review too. Anyway, I think your CCS helped me the most. Big thanks from the bottom of my heart! passing this meant a lot to me!!

May 30th, 2020  02:05:15 PM

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Apr 09th, 2020  10:04:33 PM

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