Jul 04th, 2012  09:07:06 PM

Thanks a ton, I really enjoyed your lectures. I learnt concepts I wouldn't have learnt anywhere else. If possible please forward my sincere appreciation to Dr. Red, He is improving our understanding and helping us beyond the exam, Really appreciate his time and effort. Thanks a lot

Jun 30th, 2012  04:06:38 AM

Please send me info on your course for usmle step 3. Thanks,

Jun 13th, 2012  03:06:05 AM

I really liked step3 ccs live lecture , Dr Red explained all the important cases , Guys do take coffee , chocolate as Dr Red does not stop and complete attention is required . For My CCS his lectures and practice with my friends made me have very nice performance in CCS and got a good score . I give the live lecture of CCS A+++ I would have not given if it was not worth it . The best part of him is that the DR Red is very patient which helped me and other candidates when we asked him questions .

May 30th, 2012  04:05:46 PM

Hi,I would like to join Archer ccs workshop. What is difference between live and recorded course and if I enrolled in recorded Archer ccs workshop after 2nd june will I get access to recent lecture? Thanks.

May 26th, 2012  01:05:32 AM

hello, Im not sure if this Dr. Red's direct email or staff email. I just wanted to say thank you. I have not yet taken the exam yet ( have it coming up in about 4 weeks). I just finished Workshop recorded lectures for CCS. I had done UW CCS, a couple months ago, and was absolutely lost. I had no idea how or what or when to order things. There is no step by step guidance on UW CCS, and sadly it seems to be the only CCS practice material out there. Until I heard about Dr. Red's CCS workshops. I cant believe how much I have learned ( CCS and theory-wise). Things make SO much more sense now. Not only is CCS making sense and much faster, but I was also able to apply this information to my theory-MCQ portion as well. So I just wanted to thank Dr. Red. He spends full days at those workshops, answering questions over and over again, going over theory, etc. His patience is admirable as is his generosity, to give his time to help us all struggling to over come this beast of an exam. Thank you Dr. Red.

May 22nd, 2012  05:05:04 AM

Hello, i have enrolled in the CCS online program and i have a question for Dr. Red. Could you kindly forward it to Dr. Red, thanks. Dr. Red, i woud like to thank you for the wonderful workshop, you have clarified so many questions and made the CCS look easy!! In the aortic dissection case, you initially stabilized the patient then did the focused PE, then the routine labs. My question to you is, why cant we stabilize and order the routine test in the some order screen and then do the focused PE ? Thank you very much. ASIF KHAN

Apr 20th, 2012  08:04:50 PM

Dr. Red, It was my first time to attend your session on april 7th, I found it extremely appropriate for the CCS preparation and am considering taking another class prior to my exam in late June if possible. However, I realized I might benefit from a complete review for the MCQ component of the exam as well. How can I get this? Please let me know. Thank for your persistence with the attendees during workshop

Apr 20th, 2012  08:04:15 PM

Hi Dr.Red, Your workshop was awesome.I have to appreciate your patience for staying so long and answering every question very nicely.The workshop was really very helpful and I got a lot of confidence about CCS now.I also folllow the Archer blog where u post the questions.The questions are also very good standard and the explanations are very informative. Thank a lot once again for the workshop u have given us

Apr 20th, 2012  08:04:26 PM

I attended the 2012 April CCS workshop and it was amazing. No exaggeration. Despite many other commercial products that are available on the market for CCS practice, NOTHING, beats Dr. Red\\

Apr 08th, 2012  05:04:16 AM

I attended Dr.Red s Live online CCS workshop.It was very affordable and was worth every penny.He covered the important concepts and important strategies.He was very patient in answering everyone and gave chances to people to volunteer to do each case which was an excellent idea-Preetam.