Jan 04th, 2018  10:01:15 AM

Dear Dr, Thanks for the really informative workshop. I was unable to use the microphone,so couldn,t talk to you. I started to listen to your online lecture videos too.Hope it will help me pass the exam. Thankyou so much .

Jan 02nd, 2018  12:01:19 PM

Dear Dr. Red, Thank you very much for your email. You are certainly, one of the best teachers i have met so far. I will keep you posted about things on my front. Thank you once again. Warm regards, Tania

Dec 27th, 2017  07:12:35 PM

Dear Dr Red thank you very much for excellent ccs. could you please e mail me about archer lectures. if i register for that, can i pause it and watch later or next day. i am planning to take exam in a month. i have one more question regarding ccs .thank you again - sunita

Dec 27th, 2017  10:12:58 AM

Dear Dr. Red, My name is Manas.. you let me do the pancreatic cancer case.. I thank you for your time and effort.. I got a 74 on my test, it looked identical to one of those you displayed, I don't mind sharing it with you if you want.. it ruined my chances for a match and my year all together. Very difficult to get the drive to put that much effort into studying again, because I studied around the clock, I am not a residency so I had to really juggle this with my research (non paying job) and I didn't have the fluidity of someone in a residency who knows how to manage a patient.. I wanted to take this test to increase my chances of landing a good residency and all I did was ruin my chance of ever working in medicine.. still I want to at least be licensed.. I have come a long way to quit now.. I'd appreciate any advise, including what to do with the remaining 3 weeks and what Q bank, I have already done Usmleworld and Kaplan and was doing a 62 and 71 respectively in each I doubt taking them again will make me improve considering the disparity between their questions and those on the actual exam.. thank you so much for time and courtesy extended, M

Mar 08th, 2017  01:03:15 PM

What an awesome course! Truly thankful to you for making CCS a cakewalk. I took this exam previously and failed dismally. I do think blindly following UW CCS defintely contributed to my failure. There are things that UW says which are ridiculous and not be done on ER patients. Stuff like doing rectal exam to check for occult blood in patient with ST elevation MI before heparin? You clarified to get rid of nonsense like this from my mid. I am eternally grateful to you for clearing up this confusion

May 06th, 2016  08:05:34 PM

A very good course for CCS and a highyield one for theory lectures. UWORLD CCS did not make sense to me until I watched your review. Very reasonable pricing and i thank you for that.

Nov 08th, 2015  05:11:18 PM

Hello. Thanks to your videos, I passed step 3 CCS with ease. They have been a great help. Recommending them on USMLE forum. My score is 193, but a comfortable pass in CCS. Regards, vara

Jun 25th, 2015  03:06:13 AM

Hi I am so thrilled to let you know that I passed Step 3. It is because of your lectures and CCS workshops that I was successful. This was my second time taking the exam. It was particularly difficult for me because I am a pathology resident, and I have not seen a patient in 3 years. I am so grateful to you. Sincerely, Azore

Jun 25th, 2015  03:06:57 AM

Thank you, I just recommended these videos to a couple of friends, I’m very satisfied with the product, have a good day. Alejandro Contreras

Jun 25th, 2015  03:06:31 AM

Dr. Red, Thank you so much for the CCS seminar. It exceeded my expectations. Best Regards, Lilian