Nov 08th, 2015  05:11:18 PM

Hello. Thanks to your videos, I passed step 3 CCS with ease. They have been a great help. Recommending them on USMLE forum. My score is 193, but a comfortable pass in CCS. Regards, vara

Jun 25th, 2015  03:06:13 AM

Hi I am so thrilled to let you know that I passed Step 3. It is because of your lectures and CCS workshops that I was successful. This was my second time taking the exam. It was particularly difficult for me because I am a pathology resident, and I have not seen a patient in 3 years. I am so grateful to you. Sincerely, Azore

Jun 25th, 2015  03:06:57 AM

Thank you, I just recommended these videos to a couple of friends, I’m very satisfied with the product, have a good day. Alejandro Contreras

Jun 25th, 2015  03:06:31 AM

Dr. Red, Thank you so much for the CCS seminar. It exceeded my expectations. Best Regards, Lilian

Apr 27th, 2015  01:04:29 AM

Dear Dr. Red, i wanted to thank you for helping me pass my Step 3 exam. My results just cam in this week. I took my exam on March 29th and 30th. I did your CCS workshop and theory videos and they both helped and i dont think i could have passed without them. I took the exam once before in septemeber and did not pass. So i know sometimes you like to compare results of test as i seen you do on your CCS workshop video and if you would like mines to do so you can. Let me know. Again thanks again for all your help by making the material easier to grasp and learn. Thanks, Malek

Mar 26th, 2015  02:03:36 AM

Dear Dr. Red, hope all is well with you. Just want to let you know that I passed Step 3. I did extremely well on CCS . Questions were hard but your lectures helped me with some of them to easily figure the best answer. Thank you sir!

Mar 26th, 2015  01:03:54 AM

I just received my results and happy to say, I passed with score of 242. Your lectures and CCS helped significantly and I think CCS took off a lot of pressure on me. Thank you so much. Please make your Q bank available so I can do it for my IM boards. Thank you

Mar 15th, 2015  04:03:44 AM

Dear Dr Red and staff, May God bless u ! I passed Usmle 3 exam bcz of ccs !! You r wonderful teacher n very helpful !!my prayer is always with you Dr Red. Dr Dharma acharya Needles, CA

Mar 15th, 2015  04:03:30 AM

Just purchased the CCS video. Glad to have the chance to learn from Dr. Red. But I'd like to download the lecture files and CCS cases, could you please send me a copy? Thanks

Jan 21st, 2015  10:01:38 PM

Hello. How do I contact someone to help me have payperview time refunded back onto CCS workshop. I left powerpoint window overnight and believe it deducted time when I was not watching. Please contact me soon Archer company as I feel the lectures were helpful.Thanks