Dec 26th, 2013  04:12:44 AM

hello , want to thank you for the great course and review for step 3, i was able to pass my step 3 with good score this time. thanks so much again

Nov 08th, 2013  04:11:56 AM

Hi , I just wanted to thank you for your excellent material which has helped me in passing step 3 with 88% .Both review lectures and ccs lectures were great .I will recommend your lectures to every one in my residency program. Thank you so much

Nov 08th, 2013  04:11:44 AM

Dear doc, Thank you for your CCS work shop. I passed my exam. I got score of 199. Thanks a lot. Sincerely, Muhammad

Oct 11th, 2013  03:10:22 AM

Hi Dr.Red,Hope everything is going well for you.I just wanted to update you about myself.Thank you for supporting me to pass this hard time.I got my result and I passed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Your CCS and lectures are great and quit useful for step 3 and also my FM board.My CCS cases were complicated but I with your method I got what I need to do.I had obese lady coming for bariatric consult and SOB : with the routine CXR and ECG I found out she has Pulm Htn !I had pt coming to office for palpitation and by ECG I found out about Afib new onset.Thank you so much for your help. I am a huge fan of you and recommended you to all of my friends. I am done with my USMLE and hopefully if GOD willing will be done with my FM board exam in 3 weeks.Thanks and may GOD bless you.Rosa

Oct 08th, 2013  03:10:06 AM

Thank you so much Dr.Red. I passed step 3 with a very good score. I did feel the CCS portion worked very well for me. I like your lectures too and feel they are quite useful not only for step 3 but also for my IM boards . I wish you had question bank as well. Please notify me if you consider a IM q bank

Oct 02nd, 2013  10:10:36 PM

Dr. Red, thanks for a great set of audio/video tutorials. I passed on my 2nd attempt and both my CCS and MCQ improved this time around. The first time I took it, I was lost on the CCS and absolutely bombed it. Your systematic method on how to approach the cases really helped me.

Aug 26th, 2013  04:08:00 AM

Dear Dr. Red, I have passed my Step 3 with score over 220. I really appreciate your lecture. The exam was very tough with many surprising cases. Although I have clinical experience, it is still difficult. I followed your CCS strategies for these tough cases, it worked. Generally my CCS are above the borderline. I hope you have a course for interview strategies too. Thank you very much! Kaien

Aug 02nd, 2013  01:08:19 AM

Thank you. I got my result today. I got 203. I could do well as I did my ccs better this time and also did my mcqs well. Thank you for your training material. I am a cardiac surgeon and it has been almost 20 years since I graduated. However I did not want to give up. Wanted to proove to my children never to give up.It feels good now. Thank you once again for all your help and encouragement. I would recommend you to anyone taking USMLE. Regards John

Jul 25th, 2013  05:07:04 AM

I wanted to thank you as I got my result and passed in first attempt. My performance in ccs was on higher end and I also did good in mcqs . I mainly used your materials , and I really appreciate your teaching skills. Thank you once again and God bless you

Jul 18th, 2013  11:07:52 PM

Thanks for all your help! I did your ccs review. Just got my score back! Pass! It was a very helpful course for ccs, and will definitely recommend it to our incoming interns!