Jun 01st, 2013  01:06:17 AM

Dr.Red thank you very much... I have passed my step 3 after 5 attempts ... thak you for ur lectures. Thanks Subhash

Jun 01st, 2013  01:06:20 AM

Thanks for your help, passed by step 3 and did well on the cases...couldnt have passed without your videos, so I really appreciate it.

May 27th, 2013  06:05:19 PM

Dear Dr. Red, Thank you very much for the amazing workshop session on CCS. I was not familiar with the software, approach and strategies prior to yesterday. But now I am confident about my preparation. I just wanted to say that you are doing an awesome service to the wannabe-resident and resident community. Thank you and wish you all the success. Regards, Vishidha Reddy Balankari

May 01st, 2013  01:05:31 AM

Dear Dr.Red, thank you very much for your awesome lectures and the ccs videos. I have learnt a lot from these and I am also scoring very much higher on kaplan qbank now after your lectures. I have a question about NBME. Which self asessment form do you recommend and what is a good score? Thank you

Apr 09th, 2013  03:04:46 AM

Good Morning, Thank you very much for this information. I am very happy with the workshop video, really fascinated. I may be interested in some video lectures as well as in the next workshop at the end of this month. Just I am wondering if you can send me the links to try the lectures samples. Thanks much Adrian

Feb 09th, 2013  04:02:48 AM

Thank you very much Dr.Red for your valuable teaching. Your lectures and ccs helped me sail through step 3 smoothly. I scored an 88. Thanks :)

Jan 05th, 2013  06:01:32 PM

Dear Dr. Red and Staff, I would like to thank Dr. Red and his staff for having such a great review course for USMLE Step 3 CCS pay per view. I purchased his review only for CCS and I found it to be very helpful, not only for CCS but it helped with the MCQs as well. I passed and I am so grateful that his program was affordable and well worth the money. Thank you very much! Sincerely, Tara Crippen

Dec 31st, 2012  06:12:17 AM

Dear Dr. Red, I watched the recorded sessions of CCS workshops (CCS Strategies, Feb 2012, and April 2012). It was a great experience and they are very helpful! I hope to perform very good on CCS in real exam. Thank you so much for such a wonderful lectures and webinars! Pranav

Dec 31st, 2012  05:12:08 AM

Dear Dr Red, Your course is very practical and nice. Please also guide about your intense CCS course.? Thanks. Dr Madaan

Nov 04th, 2012  11:11:28 PM

please let dr red know i not only passed step 3 with stars in CCS but i also pre-matched! thank you poonam