Apr 09th, 2013  03:04:46 AM

Good Morning, Thank you very much for this information. I am very happy with the workshop video, really fascinated. I may be interested in some video lectures as well as in the next workshop at the end of this month. Just I am wondering if you can send me the links to try the lectures samples. Thanks much Adrian

Feb 09th, 2013  04:02:48 AM

Thank you very much Dr.Red for your valuable teaching. Your lectures and ccs helped me sail through step 3 smoothly. I scored an 88. Thanks :)

Jan 05th, 2013  06:01:32 PM

Dear Dr. Red and Staff, I would like to thank Dr. Red and his staff for having such a great review course for USMLE Step 3 CCS pay per view. I purchased his review only for CCS and I found it to be very helpful, not only for CCS but it helped with the MCQs as well. I passed and I am so grateful that his program was affordable and well worth the money. Thank you very much! Sincerely, Tara Crippen

Dec 31st, 2012  06:12:17 AM

Dear Dr. Red, I watched the recorded sessions of CCS workshops (CCS Strategies, Feb 2012, and April 2012). It was a great experience and they are very helpful! I hope to perform very good on CCS in real exam. Thank you so much for such a wonderful lectures and webinars! Pranav

Dec 31st, 2012  05:12:08 AM

Dear Dr Red, Your course is very practical and nice. Please also guide about your intense CCS course.? Thanks. Dr Madaan

Nov 04th, 2012  11:11:28 PM

please let dr red know i not only passed step 3 with stars in CCS but i also pre-matched! thank you poonam

Nov 04th, 2012  11:11:06 PM

hi guys, A special compliment to Dr Archer Red (and his team) for bringing to us these great lectures

Nov 04th, 2012  11:11:29 PM

Thank you One thing is a fact. I paid for Archers material and it was very useful. Initially I was very confused to decide on what to read for step 3. Once I have decided on Archers I can see improvement in my subject and on my usmle world scores. It also improved my confidence levels. I was not able to sit for extended period of time before, but Archers material made me sit for hours without getting bored. It was like an addiction!! But there are some discrepancies here and there and not sure who is right Archers or Kaplan. I hope Step 3 will not go over those topics. But to tell you the truth Dr. Archer explains the subject like a mom teaching a kid and most of the times you end up wondering how simple the concept is. I definitely recommend!

Oct 29th, 2012  02:10:01 AM

Dear Dr. Red, I would like to thank you very much for the CCS live workshop as well as the prerecorded version.I gave the exam Last month and passed the exam in first attempt. I would like to really thank you for my success. Good Luck in preparing more doctors one step further. THANK YOU.

Oct 27th, 2012  06:10:54 PM

Your course was amazing!If you happen to have any cases additional that I can use to practice - I will greatly appreciate it.I looked at the blogThank you so much for all of your help!i greatly appreciate it!! Irene