ArcherReview provides full-length 36-hour high-yield review courses for Step3 Theory Concepts ( for MCQ sections) which have a reputation of achieving 97% pass rate. We have originally launched theory courses in the year 2008 along with Archer Step3 CCS courses which resulted in our students getting immensely superior scores by focusing both on CCS and high-yield strategic theory preparation for MCQs. Our high-yield Qbank which was recently launched can be practiced after completing the theory course. Listening to the lectures followed by practicing our Q-bank will reinforce your understanding of concepts at multiple levels. Free Step3 Questions can also be practiced on our Blog. At Archer, we promote Retention which is multiplied by repeated reinforcement

There are three options to go with for Theory Review course: Rapid Theory Prep -Online, Topic Lectures and Live Rapid Fire Review (webinar)

Rapid Theory Prep-Online: The First option is a streaming video lecture package of very high-yield theory topics/questions on step-3 and passing strategies. This course extensively  focuses on the most high-yield and frequently tested theory topics on the exam while leaving out low-yield topics. This is to strategically maximize the yield in the lowest preparation time. Our theory course correlates with basic science attributes wherever indicated to strengthen your foundation to face the newly changed Step3 exam Questions. These are the recordings of the most recent Live Rapid Fire Review. It shows the power-point slides, audio and video lecture.  You will be provided with high yield review notes. These Pay-per-view streaming online videos from our recent rapid reviews are the most preferred theory review package by our Step3 students. These are 36-hour long video lectures with two months access for much less price of $ 245. Watch the video at your convenient time at your comfortable place. These give you 2 month access with 50 hour watch time. Rapid prep also comes with 6 months access and unlimited watch time for $502 so that you can view the theory topics multiple times and use the knowledge gained to reinforce with several Qbank questions.

The topics included in Rapid Prep Online include: 1. Cardiology (4hrs30mins); 2. Nephrology/Electrolytes/Acid-Base (3hrs); 3. Pulmonology/ventilators (2hrs30mins); 4. Endocrinology (3hrs); 5. Gastroenterology (2hrs45mins); 6. Infectious Diseases (2hrs45mins). 7. Rheumatology/ SportsMedicine/Orthopedics (2hrs15mins); 8. Preventive Medicine (2hr30mins); 9. Neurology (1hr30mins); 10. Hematology (2hrs30mins); 11. Oncology/Cancer screening (1hr30mins); 12. Gynecology (2hrs); 13. Dermatology (1hr); 14. Psychiatry (1hr30mins); 15. Pediatrics (2hrs); Ethics (1hr15mins). This Full Length option is a less expensive compared to purchasing all the individual topic reviews.

It also comes with Archer lecture notes in PPT format which you can download from your account dashboard. CCS is not included in this. The lectures have been regarded as “highly beneficial” by most of our students  in post-lecture surveys and have resulted in high pass rates.

Topic Reviews: The second option is the topic reviews, and each topic sign up would cost around $25 to $50. The topics involved in this are Cardiology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine ( along with Ventilator concepts), Hematology and Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Psychiatry and Pediatrics ( High-yield). All of these are included in the above Rapid Theory Prep. Purchasing the entire Rapid Theory Prep package is much cheaper than purchasing many individual topics separately.  

Live Rapid Fire Review: The third option is the Live 7-Day Rapid Fire Review which will encompass all the above topics done over 36 hours spanning over 7 days. Live reviews cost $2000 for 36-hour full-length review by Dr.Red. We will have live rapid review webinars once every 6 months to one year. This includes all the topics that are listed in the Pay-Per-View courses above. We will announce Live webinar dates in the products section soon. Please realize all the content taught during live rapid review is incorporated in to above mentioned Rapid Theory Online Prep which is available at much cheaper price of $245.