Who is an Archerian?

In 2020, during the peak of COVID-19, Archer has started this mission of affordable education to make sure every student gets access to test prep materials they need to pass this life-changing licensing exam! Over the last few months, we have had several requests from many of the students who passed with ArcherReview that they want to “give” back and bless others in need with subscriptions. Archer also contributed to this by giving these amazing “givers” discounts on these already low-priced subscriptions - discounts apply once givers select 5 gives or more at once.

Archerians are the noblest army of givers

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Gift Free Subscriptions

Givers can select their recipients and purchase subscriptions in bulk for the recipients!

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Provide Emotional Support

Givers can give emotional support to those with multiple attempts and inspire them to conquer the exams!

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Volunteer To Teach

Givers can volunteer to give their time to mentor those who failed and in need of guidance

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Education is a gift that can never be taken away

“Giving” is the noblest thing to do! And giving “education” opportunity as a gift to those in need is the best thing out there! There are some fanatic education givers and their giving positively changes the person, changes their families, and changes the entire society. Giving has a ripple effect! To enhance giving, ArcherReview will create an “Archerian give” for these amazing givers!

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“Archerians” are the fanatic givers coming to decolonize education and make it accessible by everyone in need out there!

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Let’s Start Your philanthropy journey With Archerian


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